National Pharmacy Tech Certification Program

Welcome to one of the fastest growing fields in medical care—the pharmacy technician. The rapid growth in the field of pharmaceutical therapeutics has created opportunities for a variety of well-trained technical personnel: physician’s assistants, medical assistants, nursing assistants, and pharmacy technicians.

The position of pharmacy technician has expanded from a simple assistant position to one of great responsibility in patient care. The pharmacy technician is now responsible for a variety of duties in the pharmacy that includes legal record keeping, dispensing of prescriptions, proper inventory, storage, and maintenance of drugs and much more. The growing demand for these trained technical personnel is due, in large part, to the rapidly expanding area of pharmacy laws and regulations.

The pharmacist simply does not have enough time to keep up with new record keeping laws and regulations in addition to new drug therapy and new dosage delivery systems, counseling patients and physicians, and other duties such as drug dispensing and ordering, and the record-keeping that is required; hence the pharmacy technician plays an important role in the pharmacy.

What Can I Expect To Learn?

TeloRevers’ Pharmacy Technician Program prepares you with the educational tools necessary to become a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician. You will delve into in-depth instruction that is evolving from the role of making transactions at the pharmacy, to filling prescriptions with preciseness. You will be taught in a number of job-related tasks associated with the pharmacy which will help you with the following:

· Filling and verifying prescription requests
· Counting, measuring, and bottling tablets
· Preparing medications to dispense according to instructions
· Maintaining pharmacy inventory and security of medications
· Creating prescription labels and completing dosage forms
· Keeping patient records and confidentiality
· Understanding and submitting insurance claims
· Handling transactions involving monetary exchanges
· Staying focused and professional in a demanding environment
· Pharmacy terminology

Our curriculum is devoted to job-related subjects and tasks, which will enable you to focus solely on the major areas of interest and employment skills development.

What Pharmacy Technician Courses Will Be Provided?

TeloRevers’ Pharmacy Technician Courses are designed specifically to educate & provide hands on experience for our students to be able to pass the National Pharmacy Technician Examination. Our courses will address the following topics:
1. Pharmacy Law and Ethics
2. Pharmacy Technician Fundamentals
3. Pharmaceutical Calculations & Measurements
4. Drug Classifications
5. Top 200 Drugs
6. Medical Terminology
7. Community Pharmacy Practice
8. Non-Sterile and Sterile Compounding
9. Recordkeeping, HIPAA, Insurance Billing
10. Label & Prescription Information
11. Pharmacy Computer Software

· Why Telo-Revers Academy?

· All Inclusive Tuition

· On-Site Pharmacy

· Accelerated Program Faculty

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